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          Our firm offers you services on reliable employment. We offer taking the opportunity of searching for job applying our bank of current vacancies. Specialists of our company have created and daily renew the centralized bank of information regarding the vacancies declared by employers. The database of vacancies offered for your attention comprises the information on the basic requirements to applicants, the wage offered, work conditions, insurances, leave, growth perspectives.

          With accession of the Republic of Latvia into the European Union it became possible to approach the international level and make a step to establishing and strengthening close ties with the neighbouring countries. This gave multiple perspectives for operating in Europe: Immigration in Latvia

          We also offer you to use our wagon and container dislocation detection system. Both for owners and private cargo senders and receivers, it is crucial to know where a dispatched wagon is at particular moment. By means of our system you will have an opportunity to follow daily how a wagon is moving along railroads of CIS countries.

          If you have problems in communicating in English we shall advise you reliable and not expensive course of learning the English language, knowledge of the English language may seriously influence the amount of your wages.

          In case if you go independently for working in Latvia and have no lodging there, we shall be pleased to offer a suitable and acceptable place for living in Riga, at the sufficiently low price of rent, with minimum deposit.

          IK "AB CV DARBS" is looking forward to new collaborations with enterprises, employers, recruiting and employment agencies.

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